Saturday, 2 August 2014


It's that time again! Saturday is here so we all know what that means right? CAT'S! So here are my few favourite beauty and fashion products this week which I have found relating to cats, as well as some pictures of actual cats. Enjoy! But before we begin, here's my old cat Tom hi-fiving my other half. I found this picure out a while ago and it still makes me laugh way too much. 

Right, down to business...

The first thing I have found is this beautiful cat ring curtousy of who do fantastic feline related jewellery. It's available in gold and silver, but I do prefer the gold one, looks really pretty. The detail is also adorable and, to top it all off, it's only £3! Now, I think that's a bargain! Click HERE to buy this product!

Next up, a brand I've recently fallen in love with called killstar. This top is gorgeous! It's extremely different to many tops I've seen this week which have been feline-themed and it definitely stands out. Click HERE to buy this product!

Cat chu wink has the most adorable cases for their make-up. Look at the lipstick cases these guys sell. Little black cats! I love love LOVE these! The colours in the lipstick range are beautiful, ranging from a nice soft pink to a vibrant red, suitable for any look. 

Lastly, another t-shirt from lowbrowartcompany. How can this top get any more awesome? Not only do we have cats included, but also in the style of KISS? I personally think this is a fantastic idea and extremely appealing to me. Click HERE to buy this product!

Now to actual cats. This is my aunties cat. His name is Scampi and he's a pure ragdoll and the most beautiful cat I've seen...ever! Those pure blue trademark ragdoll eyes look divine!

What's your favourite cat themed item? Let me know below in the comments!