Thursday, 10 July 2014

Directions Turquoise and Directions Spring Green

I know I have said this before but this dye is amazing!!!

Price : £3.75 (I bought mine 3 for £10 from a shop in my town centre)

What I did: Prior to dying my hair, I spent a few weeks trying to lighten it as much as possible. Not only by using a bleach bath on my hair but also using an anti-dandruff shampoo to remove as much as the colour from the previous dying of red. I had lightened it to a pale orange but it would not lighten any more without just completely bleaching my entire hair and this was not something I wanted nor needed to do - even though they do recommend this. I knew how pigmented the green was going to be, same with the blue (though I had not used these colours on my hair before, I know sort of the pigment of these kinds of colours as I have used several of their blues in the past as well as the apple green). 

I diluted the turquoise to lighten it as I thought it may come out too dark with the ratio 1:1 (one part of the dye to one part conditioner). I had also lightened the green. I did a little strand test with the green on the end of my hair whilst I was waiting for my roots to lighten but I think it was diluted far too much as it just washed out completely, so I used the product straight from the tub instead. I separated my hair into two plaits as I was going to ombre it - turquoise being on top and the ends of my hair in the green. 

I applied the spring green to my ends first, undid the plaits then covered the rest of my hair in the diluted turquoise mixture. I left this on for around 20 mins. I did apply this to damp hair (which is okay to do so, though the dye works better on completely dry hair). When I rinsed it out, I noticed the green was very bright and the turquoise wasn't as bright as i though it was going to be so I shall be re dying my hair with the turquoise un-diluted next time. The final result looks like this: 

As you can see, the green is very much more prominent but the turquoise not so much so I will be re dying it very soon. I do love how the green came out though, very pigmented and very bright indeed. 

  • Good coverage
  • Good price
  • Very pigmented
  • Leaves hair feeling soft


WARNING: Make sure you wear gloves with these colours as they will stain your hands and skin. I am currently sporting blue finger nails as it had stained them because I didn't wear my gloves half way though because they had split. The dyes also stained my hands but after a lot of scrubbing, that disappeared. Expect to see a nail varnish review soon because I need to cover up my stained nails.

Would I recommend: Yes. Yet again, good solid product. I think this product is more likely to stain clothes, floors, surfaces and body parts if you don't take care much more than other colours I have tested. It is very pigmented and if you are looking to go bright green or turquoise then these are definitely the colours for you! I am rating this a 4.5/5 because of my blue fingers though as it will stain everything!