Saturday, 5 July 2014

Directions Mandarin

What is this product: Directions hairdye is a semi perminant dye. It is used for achieving non-natural, bright alternative colours.

Price: £3.75
Size: 88ml

My experience : I used this product on bleached, dry hair. I completely saturated my hair with this colour and left on for around half an hour. When I washed it out, I was not too pleased with the colour as it wasn't as orangey as I had hoped, it was more dark/gold yellow than bright orange.

  • Easy to use
  • Good coverage
  • Pot shaped so it's easy to get all the product
  • Conditioning on the hair
  • Not the colour I was expecting
  • Faded really fast
  • Not really as bright as previous colours I had used

Would I recommend: I would recommend this because yet again, its really conditioning on the hair and is really easy to use. I used one pot to cover half of my hair so it's definitely cost effective. I would not recommend this colour if you are wanting to go for a bright orange, but if you are wanting a more subtle, gold colour, then this is the one for you.