Friday, 25 July 2014

I've fallen in love?

Okay this is not make up or fashion related but I have fallen in love with a game. Yes a game. This game is basically a mix between day-z (a zombie game) and minecraft (a game mine and craft..)
This game is amazing! Seriously, I can play this constantly for quite a few hours at a time before I even want to take a break! My other half bought it me through steam by getting a two player pack for £30 which means on his days off from work, or when he is able to play at night time after work, we are playing it and screaming like little girls. It's fantastic. It's still in alpha (alpha 8.8 soon to be alpha 9 in August) so there are a few bugs and issues with the game as it is still sort of being developed and ironing out any issues. 

The basic idea of the game is exactly what it says. You need to survive. There are different ways to do this in this game. Building your own house, living in a pre-built building (after clearing out the tonne of zombies which have decided to squat in the building) and loot everything possible from cars, pre-built buildings, dead zombies, and the various other things situated in the map (old back packs, rubbish, trash cans, ect). You also need to protect your house from hordes of zombies. There are several different types of traps to do this. The game also has structural integrity. If you have played minecraft, you know you can build a huge 1x1 tower and then build a house in the sky. This game however doesn't allow you to do this. If the building is not supported properly, it WILL fall down and collapse. Subsequently, if you do not keep an eye on any material your house is made of, zombies will break it and get their way into your home. You can repair blocks with either a stone hammer or a repair tool. Zombies in this game are also smart. They can dig underground to find way a into the home. Zombies also go at half speed as long as they're in light. So day time they are really slow. Night time however, they are fast as hell! Inside buildings where it is dark they are also very fast! This can be changed in the menu if you are a beginner.

There are 4 different bars which you have to keep an eye on. Health which is replenished by things such as paracetamol. Hunger which is replenished with food (of course) , thirst which is topped up by drinking clean water and sprint which decreases when you run (but it goes back to full when you rest for a little while - as long as your hunger and thirst bar isn't too low). You can also gain damage by being hit by zombies, falling from great heights and starving/dying of thirst. You can also bleed out (this is solved by using bandages) and be infected by radiation, bug bites, I believe being bitten by a dog and  being hit by a infested police officer's vomit can also cause infection (but I am not too sure on these).

There are a total of 5 difficulty modes:

  1. Scavenger (very easy) - for beginners
  2. Adventurer (easy) - more advanced but yet not so hard
  3. Nomad (normal) - default
  4. Warrior (hard) - advanced players
  5. Survivalist (insane) - professional survivalists

You can also change different aspects on the game. You can increase the drops from planes (supply drops), how hard zombies hit, how hard you hit, day length, ect).

It is seriously a great game and I love it! If you are a fan of zombie games this is one you need to buy! It's currently available on PC for £18.99 or £29.99 for two player pack. The game was released in December 2013 so it's still a fairly new game but with how greatly it's been developed and how fast updates are happening it's a game that holds a lot of possibility. You can play on your own but it has the option to play on multi-player too with a server. It's compatible to host a hamachi server which is great for smaller multi-player games with you and your friends. It also lets you set up a password so no one is able to come join the game without this password.