Monday, 7 July 2014

Items bought today!

These are two items I will be trying out very soon. Both were picked up for £1 and I have never tried them before. I hope they are hidden gems and great products. Here's to hoping!

The first is Mellor and Russell's simply bright hair colour in electric blue. This product claims to be a permanent dye. Now, after dying my hair for several years now in various bright colours (I've basically gone through the rainbow and back), I've noticed bright colours don't really tend to be permanent, they have always been semi permanent. I have tried a bright permanent colour before which was a live XXL colour, in a very vibrant red...which came out orange and pale. Not pleasant at all. I've also had friends use products like these and they have come out very very dark and not what was shown on the packet.

The second is derma V10 rescue oil. This is a oil which I think may be similar to the bio oil which is for stretch marks and any damaged skin. I myself have damaged skin on my legs which is very dry due to heat damage. I have no idea f this product will have any effect on it 

I bought both of these products to day and I will be looking forward to trying them in the next week and letting everyone know my thoughts on both of them.