Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Bleach Bath! Jerome Russell

I will be dying my hair very soon with directions turquoise and spring green, but at the moment, my hair is a very orangey/pink due to the poppy red which I dyed my hair with a few months ago. I decided to do a bleach wash or bleach bath on my hair because it's less damaging than just putting bleach straight on to your hair (though all bleach on the hair IS damaging and should be done with extreme caution). I used the Jerome Russell peroxide in the 30vol and the bleach powder was also from this brand.

I mixed a little amount of both the peroxide and bleach powder together before adding shampoo. I add shampoo to the mix. I usually stick to a 2:1 ratio - half bleach to the amount of shampoo used. I then also added a little amount of my Aussie conditioner to add a little moisture to my hair and also to add a little protection to my hair. 

I left the product on for around 7 minutes as i only had enough bleach left to do the top of my hair (made a little mistake there as I didn't realise I hardly had any peroxide left). Usually, I would do my entire hair but I digress.

This is my hair before the bleach bath.

And after.

It has lightened it on top, but not as light as I will need it to be. On the ends it is still rather dark too so I will be doing another bleach bath soon to try and remove the rest of the colour from my hair in preparation to dying it. I really love the Jerome Russell peroxide and powder as it is relatively cheap as well as it's great for removing colour. (I will be doing a review on this product shortly)