Sunday, 27 July 2014

Couple of drawings?

Thought I would share a few drawings I have done over the last few years. Most of these are random tattoo designs but each one has been drawn by me. I haven't been able to draw in the past few weeks because I just can't focus (and I've ran out of paper which sucks). I really need to get back into drawing as I need to design my chest piece and feet tattoo's pretty soon! Too much space on my body and not enough paper in the world for all my ideas! Either way, enjoy!

Simple mandala design in black and white with some shading. This was drawn a few months ago. 

 Little sugar skill with a mandala design. This has still not been finished off but will be one day! I would love to get this tattooed somewhere on me but just not sure where yet.

Mandala design. (same as the one with the sugar skull)

 A portrait of one of my favourite you-tubers jingleheartart. I don't really do potraits as they never come out right but I was quite happy with this one in all honesty! Click HERE for her youtube channel.

This design was for one of my closest friends. She had a basic design and I wanted to change it up a LOT. She has this tattooed on her thigh and it's a huge piece. It was drawn on A3 paper.

 A random design I got asked to do a few years ago at 4am (or around that time) by someone on vampire freaks. This is a fixed up version I did last summer of the original as the original was just pencil and it wasn't as fine tuned as I would like.

My favourite drawing of all time because it took far too long to colour in (this was all done in pencil and a black pencil crayon). It's a picture of Kyoko who is a character in my favourite manga of all time, Black cat. It took around an hour to draw and around 3 to colour in. This is drawn on paper just a bit larger than A3 and I still treasure this to this day. I drew this back in 2010 so it's just under 4 years old now!

Which one is your favourite drawing and do you have any awesome drawings you'd like to share? Comment guys and let me know!