Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Piercing #2 - Tragus

Let's stick with the ears for this week's piercing post. This week, it's tragus piercings! I really like this piercing and it's definitely been a more popular piercing over the last few years. The tragus is the peninsula of cartilage that lies directly in front of the ear canal: this is the part of the ear that helps us keep earphones in, as an example. For tragus piercings, jewellery is inserted through this nub of cartilage. It can be rather annoying to wear headphones with this piercing as it gets in the way a little.

The procedure for this piecing is the same as most. The piercer will mark the area where the piercing will be and make sure it's in the right spot to prevent any migration of the piercing. Then, forceps are used to clamp that area (it's not as painful as it sounds) then a needle which I believe is usually 16g (1.2mm). The piercer then removes the needle leaving a cannula in it's place which is a plastic tube. This helps the piercer put the jewellery in. They insert the jewellery, remove the cannula in this process then screw on the ball to the jewellery. It's a very pain free process. The video down below show's how this procedure is done.

The piercing takes 2-4 months to heal but you should not change the jewellery until at least 2 months. I have had mine pieced for just over 3 years now and I haven't changed the jewellery as of yet because it can be a very fiddly process but your piercer should be able to change the bar for you of you are struggling to do so yourself, so always ask.

Caring for the piercing is the same as any other. Always use salt water solution and a q-tip to clean it and make sure you wash your hands before and after cleaning it to make sure you minimise the risk of any infection taking place. The piercing may also be quite tender for a few weeks so try sleeping on the other side of your body as it can be too sore to sleep on the side you had it pierced. I would also recommend not using any hair products such as hairspray during the healing process as it may cause infection and irritation to the new piercing.

Pain wise, this piercing isn't too bad. I would probably rate it the same as a normal ear piercing, if not a little higher in my personal opinion. Don't forget though, each person's pain tolerance is different so it may be different for you.