Saturday, 19 July 2014

Medusa's Make-up Lipstick (Red Square)

Price: $12
Item: Lipstick
Colour: Red Square
Where to buy:

What it claims: This bright and beautiful lipstick is a Luxurious Blend of Natural Waxes Color Rich Pigment, Creamy, Soft and Nourishing. The ingredients do not include any animal by products making. This a vegan lipstick

  • Smells really fruity
  • Completely vegan
  • Really soft on the lips
  • Beautiful packaging

  • Not as pigmented as I thought to believe
  • Feels a little oily

Okay, before we get into the con's of this product, how adorable is the packaging? There's a rose on top of the lid which looks so pretty and the box it comes in has a sword on one side and a torso and head of a woman on the other all in negative colours. Inside the box is a very bright pink with the colour and name of the product situated on the top of the packaging. By far, this packaging is the best I've seen in regards to any lipstick. It's beautiful. 

The lipstick itself smells really fruity and I can not place the smell, but it's sort of orangey, but either way, the smell of fruit is gorgeous. It's very soft on the lips but you do have to apply it a few times to get a brighter red. It feels a little oily but not as much as the miss sporty red I have reviewed before. It's not very pigmented which is a little let down but if you apply it a few times it does come out much better.

Would I recommend: Yes! I love the product. I think for the price (in the US - it's very expensive for it to be shipped from the US as it cost me just over £13) it's very good at $12 which is around £7 for everyone in the UK. The consistency of the lipstick is very good besides the fact it is slightly oily. Pigmentation is a little bit of a problem as its not too bright but I would still defiantly recommend buying this product. I hope to try their eye-shadows and other lipsticks in the future.