Saturday, 5 July 2014

Directions Tangerine

What is this product: Directions hair dye is a semi permanent dye. It is used for achieving non-natural, bright alternative colours.

Price: £3.75
Size: 88ml

My experience : I used this colour on top of my hair which has recently been dyed with the mandarin (around 2 weeks prior). I used it on dry hair and left it on for around half an hour. I used this product to try and achieve a bright orange hair colour, which the mandarin had failed to supply. 

  • Easy to use
  • Good coverage
  • Pot shaped so it's easy to get all the product
  • Conditioning on the hair
  • Bright colour
  • Did not fade fast
  • Can stain surfaces
Would I recommend: I would definitely recommend this product. The colour came out really bright and vibrant, and lasted for just over a 6 weeks before needing to be touched up. With any directions dye, it can stain surfaces so laying down towels which you are not to fused about getting dye on is a must (unless you would like to have a multi-coloured bathroom). It left my hair feeling really soft as well. It's a must have colour if you are planning on dying your hair orange!