Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Item's I am currently in love with!

I fell in love with many of these items long ago but seriously, I need many of these in my life. Not only do they look jaw dropping-ly amazing, but just seriously, who would not want to own these items?

Rat baby screw you high heels - TooFast
Price: £49.99 
Buy from: 

I fell in love with these babies around a year ago at my local blue banana. They look fantastic! Gorgeous design in the shoe itself but also an anti-cross as a heel? I NEED THESE IN MY LIFE! I very much doubt I would be able to walk in these without sustaining some serious injury to my ankles but in all would be worth it!

Kiss of death vest dress
Brand: Disturbia Clothing
Price: (currently on sale) £17.95

This is just beautiful! I love the detailing on the top itself but also the contrast the red brings to the whole thing. I have fallen madly in love with this top and i will hopefully be buying this very soon (to add to my other disterbia top i own (which, I also fell in love with again earlier this week after re-discovering it).

Saba Wood with fine rosebud carving flesh plug
Price: From £11.99
Buy from:

How beautiful and femanine do these look? I adore these plugs not only for the shear quality of them but just look at the design and detail in the rose bud. Absolutally brilliant quality and defintsly will be owned by me as soon as possible. My ears are craving for something like this for sumertime.

MAC nail lacquer in soiree
Price: £10
Buy from:

I haven't painted my nails in such a long time as I used to bite them. Colours such as this one makes me glad I have chosen to grow them out. It looks like a really beautiful nude colour with gold runnding through it. It looks like a fantastic colour for summer as its a very nice warm shade but also it would look great during autumn when eerything has started to turn that soft yellow letting you know winter is coming.