Thursday, 3 July 2014

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation

What it claims: Feather light, liquid mousse blends flawlessly for natural-looking, all day shine control. Silky smooth formula leaves a perfectly matte, baby-soft finish. Lightweight texture won’t feel heavy or greasy. Minimises the appearance of pores. Oil Free.

Price: £5.99
Size: 30ml

My experience: I bought this after seeing a lot of advertisements for it both on the TV, magazines as well as seeing ads on the internet for it. I got it in the shade Ivory. When buying this product, the price seemed reasonable for what it was and I usually spend between £7 and £10 on my foundations. When I tried it however, I was left disappointed. It was very hard to blend and left my skin feeling very heavy and oily. I tried setting with my powder but that did not help matters at all and it still did not sit very well at all on my face. It did an average job at hiding some of my blemishes but not all of them. 

  • Left skin feeling heavy
  • Skin felt greasy
  • Did not blend well
  • Did not cover blemishes

Would I recommend: 1/5 I would not recommend this as a foundation at all. It left my skin feeling very greasy and did not blend well at all. It was very thick in consistency and I just did not enjoy using this product at all. As a concealer, it works much better as it is thick and is easier to blend out of you use the tiniest amount, other wise, would not recommend at all.