Saturday, 26 July 2014

Stargazer nail polish & nail caviar!

So I finally got around to painting my nails and decided to use the nail caviar stargazer had sent me to try out. Now, I very rarely paint my nails as it is so using something which is really small put me off massively but as I have a free day today, I thought hey, let's give this ago.

Price: £3.00
Colour: Silver
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Nail caviar is basically very small metal beads which can be used in nail decoration. All you need to do is prepare the nail by filing, buffing and sticking on an undercoat. Then you use a nail polish as a base then pour these over the nail. Best to do it inside a box or on top of a plate as these little balls have a habit of getting everywhere! They're surprisingly easy to use. Any left over, just put back inside the tub. Finish off by putting a clear nail polish over the top to give them a bit more support so they stay on longer. It is as easy as it seems. They can be a little fiddly if you need to a bit of clear up but that's the only problem I have with these. Try and use a nail polish close to the colour of the caviar as well because they can become coated in the nail polish.

Price: £3.50
Shade: 129
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I've used this for a long time now and refuse to use many other black nail polishes because they are far too light and you have to apply either a really thick coat or 101 coats before your nails are actually black. This, however requires 1-2 coats to achieve a nice black colour and any places where you have painted your finger by mistake, it cleans up with ease, unlike a few stubborn nail polishes. It's a great colour and really does last pretty well too. Anyone wanting a decent black nail polish should definitely go and buy this one.

So how do my nails look now...

I think they turned out much better than I could have hoped. I did a french tip (sort of) with the stargazer nail polish and I used the caviar on my ring finger and on part of my thumb. I think they look rather fancy but it did take me a while to do. The most time spent however, was doing the french tips. They just took forever to do but the caviar took probably a few minutes on each finger. 

I would definitely recommend both of these products. Overall good price, easy to use and they let you create fancy looking nails in your own home. A must buy if you want something new to decorate your nails with or even just to try out these products because at that price, it's definitely worth it.