Saturday, 12 July 2014

Luxury plugs for your ears?!

DISCLAIMER: These were sent to me to review by this company. However, the views and opinions written in this blog are mine and mine alone. 

I received two sets of plugs from their luxury range. They come with a little pouch to store the plugs in with the luxury range logo on, which is very handy for storing them in and keeping them safe and out of sunlight which they recommend you do on the website. Both of these sets were sent to me in the size 10mm (0g). The products use the highest quality organic materials.

One of these sets are the sono wood with crushed turquoise inlay flesh plug. These look incredible. The colours compliment each other and they feel really good quality. These feel really light and it feels like I have nothing in my ears because of how light they are. I have worn metal plugs before as well as silicone and usually switching between silicone and another plug made of different material, I usually notice the shift in weight, but with these I don't. They are extremely easy to put in and comfy to wear. I've had mine in for a few hours so far and there has been no irritation or soreness from these at all. They fit perfectly as well inside my ear, not lose nor tight at all. These are priced from 7.99 for a single plug starting as small as 4mm.

the other set is buffalo horn with mop inlay flesh plug. These have mother of pearl on them and they look, yet again, beautiful. The contrast of the colour between the black and the glistening pearl is fantastic and a great design. These are also really comfy and easy to put in, and yet again, fit perfectly. They feel really good quality like the other pair and I am completely in love with these ones as well. These also start at £7.99 for a single plug and start as small as 4mm.


  • Light weight
  • Fantastic quality
  • Easy to put in
  • Amazing design
  • Come with a pouch to store them


  • Price

My overall opinion & would I recommend: I adore these products. Lightweight, comfortable easy to put in, sizing is perfect and the range this company offers in their luxury range is phenomenal. They have several plugs which have very intricate carvings which I am in awe of. They were posted to me yesterday and arrived today so the delivery is very quick as they are sent 1st class in the UK. They are hand made as well which is a great thing, and it also ensures each plug is perfect. The only downside is the cost, but because of how fantastic this product is, I definitely think it's worth it. It's nice to see a company creating products to bring some luxury to stretched ears using different wood, gemstones and designs. I can not explain how much I love these products and I am already thinking about purchasing some myself in the near future.

I would like to say a big thank you to stretch it body jewellery for sending me these plugs. They are just incredible! Anyone with stretched ears I definitely recommend you go and try these out asap! 

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