Friday, 1 August 2014

July Favourites!

So July has officially ended and August has now begun. We are only 4 months and 24 days away from Christmas and I have no idea where this year has gone because time has really flown by! I found a few things this month that I have fallen in love with and a few things I have rekindled my love for. So, enjoy.

These little Japanese treats are one of my all time favourite snacks. I have not had these in such a long time, but I ended up picking some up whilst in town during the beginning of the month. They're so light and delicious! The chocolate filling tastes like heaven and I can manage to get through a pack of these in probably 2 minutes. I think I need to buy a very large box of these very soon (or several little packets and stash them away for snack cravings). They're really cheap and made by a great brand called meiji who are known for making confectionery in Japan.
Next up, stargazer nail caviar. I have already done a review on this item so if you would like to read that, click HERE. Now, I am not one for painting my nails but this product really makes me want to sport cute, decorative nails all the time. I have this product in black and in silver, and so far, I have only tried the silver one on my nails, but, I will be trying the black one very soon as I will be painting my nails to match a dress I will be wearing to a party Saturday. These again, are from a fantastic brand and are very affordable, costing £3.00. It's a very simple, easy to use product and I could not ask for more. Buy it HERE!

As a book lover with a wide and extensive collection of books, I had to stick a book in my monthly favourites. A few years ago (back in 2011), I won a set of books by Alyson Noel called The Immortals. The set consists of 6 books which are 300 - 400 pages long. Although they are teen books, or what I would personally class as teen books, they are really good. I am currently on the 4th book (I would have finished them all by now but I've had to give my eyes some rest from reading) and it takes me on average 4 hours to read each book - I was reading one book a night before bed. I have found these better than I originally anticipated and I will finish the collection rather soon and stick up a review on them. I also noticed my 6th book was signed which was an added bonus!

I have also fallen in love with several gaming items this month too! One of which, is no other than a minecraft item. Now, I do not own this yet, but believe me, I will, and very soon. Mojang and J!nx have brought out a papercraft set for minecraft which has loads of different things you can make such as the animals in the game, mobs and the different blocks. There are lots of different sets out and I really can't wait to get them. I have also fallen in love with several plushies of minecraft mobs and animals so these have been added to 'things I will be buying soon'. Find these guys HERE!

What are your favourites of this month? Let me know in the comments below!