Monday, 4 August 2014

Medusa's Shadow Brush Review

I received this brush from Medusa's make-up a few weeks ago now but I have only just gotten around to trying it and honestly, I really love it! It picks up eye-shadow fantastically, and when I say this, I mean it does it with so much ease. I have models own brushes and they set me back around £30 but this brush which costs £5.94 ($10), works 100 times better. 

I used this brush with my Bourjois trio eye-shadow set and used the lightest colour which my models own brush has so much difficulty getting any of the product on (which I thought was due to the eye-shadow) but this brush, picks up a hell of a lot of it and in all honesty, I am really really impressed. The bristles in the brush are really soft against the skin and the brush is really gorgeous. It's bright pink with Medusa's make-up printed on one side and on the other side is the type of brush, in this case, shadow. I am completely blown over by this brush! 

I would definitely recommend this brush if you use highly pigmented eye-shadows or baked as it picks up a lot of product. The bristles are really delicate on the skin and the brush feels very high quality. It's a very well priced as well but if you live outside the US, be aware that the shipping costs $23.75 (£14.11) which is a lot of money (nearly triple the price of the brush!), but, if you are buying multiple items, I would say it is definitely worth it. I'd give it 4.5/5 due to the cost of shipping being so damn high!