Friday, 8 August 2014

Friday Favourites

So this week I've found a few beautiful items and trends which I am completely in love with. They cover not only gaming, but fashion, make-up, music and tattoo's. So what have I loved this week?


I adore these leggings and have done since disturbia started selling them. They're currently on sale for £16.95 and are only stocking large and x-large at the moment as I am guessing they will not continue selling them in the future which is a shame because I love them!

New rock heals. Three words and I melt into goo. These look fantasic. Not only do they feture the usual beautiful newrock design and style but also look really femanine at the same time. They feture a inch heal, a lot of metal as well as the well known newrock logo. I wish they were not as pricy though because I would deffinatly buy these if they were a little cheaper! They are retailing at £171.99!


I have recently got back into one of my all time favourite games, league of legends! This is a real time strategy game which see's two teams of 5 battle it out. I will do a review on this game and go into more detail but it's basically two teams who fight each other and have to destroy turrets and other things to win the game. Here's a little video which sums up the game...

Now, I do not have this area tattoo'd as of yet, but one day, when I decide what I want, I will be. These are some examples of sternum tattoo's which look incredible, and a lot of intricate designs can be done in this area if the client is willing to sit still (I probably would not...). I have seen a few examples featuring mandala designs as well as dot work, both of which look fantastic.


Now this is not the real version of the song, it's a parody and oh my, it's stuck in my head and I can't stop laughing at it! Definitely one of my favourite video's of the week (if not the month!)


I have done a review of this product and since I started using this, I haven't stopped. It's a fantastic brush for the price and I just adore it. Not only is it a great item, it's from a great brand as well! Feel free to have a look at the review I did on this here.

What are your favourites of this week? Let me know in the comments!