Friday, 1 August 2014

TBT (Throw back thursday) - Little bit late

This is a music related post as well as a TBT! This is about the single most amazing day in my life (and after 20 years of being on this planet, let me tell you, it was a very incredible day).

I am a huge fan of fall out boy, more than I could even begin to explain. I have listened to most of their albums, learnt every song off by heart and been very giddy each time one of their songs has been played on a night out of drinking and dancing. After 7 years of being a fan, I finally got to see them live for the 1st time. I saw them in Birmingham (England) on March 16th with The Pretty Reckless and New Politics as their supporting bands. Not only were these two bands great (and I have a new found love for Taylor Momsen) the atmosphere they created building up to the main event was unbelievable!

We stayed in Copthorne's hotel located in Birmingham's town centre and it was a lovely little room. After having a good ol' McDonnalds and a starbucks or two, settling down for an hour or so and just sorting out our bags, taking a few pictures and becoming very hyped up about the event, me and the other half decided to have a quick wander about before heading to the stadium. 

When we got to the queue for the concert, it was a huge line. We got there around 1pm and the doors weren't open for another 6 hours. Because of how long the queue was, they decided to move us somewhere else, so we went from being at the back of a queue with around 300 people in front of us, moving somewhere where there was around 50 people in front of us was a pretty amazing (we walked pretty fast so we wouldn't be stuck at the back...pays to have long legs and being a fast walker sometimes). When we sat down, we met a very lovely couple who were called Tash and Jordan (the nicest two people I have ever met). The boyfriends went on a few coffee runs and food runs whilst we sat and talked about each-other and laughed about random things. We stayed with them through the gig and it was incredible!

What's the best gig/concert you have ever attended? Let me know in the comments down below!

Also, enjoy The full uncut new album from Fall Out Boy